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Abacus AI Solutions

Launched: 2020

Summary of Project

How utilizing professional branding and web development catapulted Abacus AI into the Canadian tech industry.

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The Numbers


page in Google's SERPs for 3 top keywords 3 months after launch.

Overview of Project

Abacus AI is a team of artificial intelligence experts located throughout Canada that specializes in the creation of self-learning technology that is utilized to help buyers go from initial impression to purchase decision in record time.

When we started together, Abacus was looking to create a brand from scratch; something that was clean, simple, yet not too attached to the clean and over-illustrated feel of some modern SaaS brands.

"Paper Crane built the site quickly and efficiently and kept us informed throughout the process, getting my input on key components. We've had the site for a few months now and I already rank #1 on Google (above a similar named company that just raised $13million in Silicon Valley). Couldn't be happier with Paper Crane and the team."

Mitchell Johnstone

Founder of Abacus AI Solutions

Project Partners
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  • Visual identity guide created to ensure that they were able to easily maintain their brand standards across all marketing mediums.
  • Business materials were designed and sourced to provide a premium physical package of marketing and sales goods for the company.
  • Website developed on Webflow to take advantage of clean code, AWS servers, and Fastly CDN for market-leading speed and simplified ongoing maintenance at almost no cost.
  • On-site SEO optimized to ensure that Abacus could rank internationally in the SERPs.

Coming hot out of the gate, Abacus landed projects building out AI systems for major companies like WestJet, Symend, and ATB, and has now moved into the international market with clients located across the globe.