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Cobb's Adventure Park

Launched: 2020

Summary of Project

How upgrading their web platform helped Cobb's grow their presence in Alberta's theme park marketplace while simplifying their ticket-purchasing process

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The Numbers


average SERP position for multiple high-volume keywords


high season website visitor growth year-over-year

Overview of Project

With COVID throwing a wrench in their growth strategy, Cobb's requisitioned our help in revitalizing their online platform to help them reduce the cost of acquisition on their marketing spend. While we have worked extensively with Cobb's in the past on their marketing campaigns and materials, the addition of a web development arm of our company allowed us to take the visuals we had created in the past to build out a more visually cohesive online experience.

Having cost efficiency at the front of our minds, we streamlined the ticket purchasing process for site visitors, while reimagining the user-flow of the site to ensure that visitors could easily access the information they were looking for.

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  • WordPress website build to help evolve the park's online presence
  • UI/UX strategy to simplify the ticket-purchasing process for visitors
  • Custom illustration of characters, signage, brand materials, and more

Cobb's Adventure Park has grown tremendously, managing to navigate through the COVID pandemic entirely due to their excellent ownership and management team. With the times - seemingly - normalizing, we have managed to position the Park in such a way that it is primed to continue attracting an ever-expanding Alberta audience, with 2022 looking to be their best year ever.

Ultimately, the Park's goal is to establish their Exotic Animal Rescue to aide in housing and caring for animals in Alberta, while simultaneously educating the public to hopefully reduce the number of uninformed purchases of exotic animals.