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Launched: 2022

Summary of Project

How we helped Communica simplify their business operations with a 3rd-party creative and development agency at their disposal

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Overview of Project

Communica came to us with a problem: for a relatively static website, they were paying a heavy price monthly for maintenance and security updates, while also needing significant development resources for any changes to their custom-themed WordPress site.

With that in mind, we recommended rebuilding the site on a new platform to reduce costs in all facets while also removing the headaches that come along with the WordPress platform.

We rebuilt the site on Webflow, including a completely custom-built Past Projects map integrated with the Google Maps API to make ongoing additions incredibly straightforward. Not only that, we ensured that the entire foundation of the site was set up for optimal SEO, page speed, and user experience.

Project Partners
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  • Rebuilt WordPress custom theme on Webflow to reduce maintenance and hosting costs while improving many foundational aspects of performance
  • Built custom Google Maps integrated map to display past projects to potential clients
  • Designed and built out new pages for new stakeholder engagement product offering
  • Created a new suite of business assets, including pitch decks, PowerPoints, benefits sheets to enhance both internal and external processes
  • Brand and logo updates for their 25th anniversary celebration

As a direct result of our migration and rebuild project, Communica has saved thousands of dollars in hosting and maintenance fees while still being able to deliver a premium online experience to visitors. The Communica team have expressed that they feel confident competing for multi-million dollar projects with their new site providing a solid foundation on which to rely upon in cases where potential clients require more information or confidence before making a purchase decision.