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Dave Pierce

Launched: 2022

Summary of Project

How a unique website design helped one of the world's top musicians increase visibility while staying true to their individuality

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Overview of Project

In order to stand out in a crowded industry, we helped Dave Pierce Music to make improvements to both their website and overall brand. We migrated their website from an old host onto Webflow, redesigned it from the ground up to be more visually appealing and easy to navigate, and also added new features such as a comprehensive discography (easily managed by staff) and a dynamic "upcoming events and albums" section on the homepage.

Project Partners
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  • New, vibrant branding to help the design stand out
  • Site structure overhauled to improve user experience
  • Platform migrated from Wix to Webflow to improve performance and design
  • Comprehensive, dynamic discography built out for ease of browsing

As a result of our work together, Dave Pierce and team have seen an increase in their website traffic and engagement, as well as a more definitive feel overall. We have continued to work with them as they've expanded to providing shows on the global marketplace.