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Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

How rebuilding a premium website with Sanity helped EasyRedir consolidate resources

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Overview of Project

EasyRedir works with some of the world's largest organizations. As a SaaS company, they have growing competition within the space they created. We have worked with their marketing team on numerous development, graphic design and visual identity projects including updating a series of illustrations for a website update project, marketing materials, whitepapers and advertising pieces. The goals is always to create a custom feel that communicates the company values of inclusion, innovation and futuristic thinking.

For this project, we were tasked with rebuilding their old site to better allow non-developers to create and modify content without requiring development resources. The prior iteration was an incredible website built out on Hugo; with very little wiggle room to make in improving the site, our goal was to implement a headless content management system while maintaining the premium standards that had already been set. With that in mind, we opted to build the site with a brand-new NextJS front-end - used on the flagship sites for Nike, Walmart, and other Enterprise-level brands - with Sanity controlling the content database.

"My company has hired Paper Crane numerous times for different projects. In all cases, they produced extremely high quality deliverables on the time and budget they originally stated. We continue to use them for this reason."

William Richards

Founder & CEO of EasyRedir

Project Partners


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Hatched completely designed and built the first iteration of the EasyRedir website, and utilized the assets our team created to maximum effect. Our goal for this project was to rebuild the site to look and perform exactly the same, with the addition of a headless CMS into the infrastructure.

  • Rebuilt frontend with NextJS to ensure the platform was built on market-leading technology
  • Integrated Sanity as a headless CMS to simplify the content-publishing process for the internal team
  • Maintained and innovated on EasyRedir's visual identity by building out character and world styling within their existing brand guidelines while still pushing the envelope in some interesting ways
  • Continue to produce premium work on an ongoing basis to reflect EasyRedir's stature within their niche

With our creative team so closely intertwined with EasyRedir's marketing efforts, we continue to attempt to innovate in the SaaS space. Whether it be through taking a more visual approach to their social content, expertly crafting a multitude of physical merchandise for distribution, or creating themed logos and brand content, our goal is always to ensure that EasyRedir is staying ahead of market trends.