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Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

How Engin's new brand and website helped them to establish brand legitimacy in the eyes of Canada's largest utility providers.

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Overview of Project

With a powerful piece of custom-built software leading the way, Engin was in need of a brand and online platform to help garner interest and sales. Being brought into the fold by our partner, The Agency, we set out to create a "SaaS"-centric visual identity that was capable of intriguing top executives and stakeholders throughout the most prolific utility companies in the country.

Project Partners

The Agency

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Being the primary partner on the project, The Agency brought us in to help them develop the visual and online platform portions of their new brand strategy. The Agency built a complete plan along with corresponding copy, both of which we were able to utilize to great effect on Engin's new website.

  • Visual identity suite and guidelines created to allow Engin to easily create and modify new assets well into the future
  • Website built on Webflow to ensure that launching press releases, blogs, and case studies could be performed within a matter of minutes by internal staff

With their new brand and website created and deployed, Engin has been able to successfully launch their software. They have an incredible portfolio of clients, including the likes of EPCOR, ENMAX, and Entegrus, with more on the way.