We revamped Entropy's website, enhancing its market presence and simplifying content management for their team.

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We were tasked with overhauling Entropy’s website, a leader in Carbon Capture technology. The aim was to modernize and streamline their digital presence, reflecting their enterprise-level market authority. Our objective was also to simplify the site's maintenance, transitioning away from a developer-reliant platform.


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From The Top

  • Duration: 1.5 months
  • Key Features: SEO optimization, streamlined UI, strategic copywriting, Webflow infrastructure
  • Target Audience: Emitting partners
  • Performance Improvements: Enhanced user experience, operational efficiency, and brand alignment

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  • Platform Transition: We shifted them from a custom-coded platform to Webflow, enhancing ease of use and maintainability.
  • Design and UI: We focused on creating a cleaner user interface with updated wireframes for a more engaging user experience.
  • Content Revamp: Run by Alexandria Shrake of 114 Degrees West, the homepage's content was completely overhauled to condense the copy into a more digestible format.
  • SEO Enhancement: We ensured the website was SEO-optimized to improve online visibility.
  • Emitter Pipeline: We developed a unique feature for emitting partners, streamlining their engagement and compatibility assessment process.

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Since the launch, Entropy’s new website has:

  • Significantly reduced the time they spent on site maintenance, shifting focus to strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced user engagement with potential emitting partners through a more effective website experience.
  • Supported Entropy's large-scale press releases without any downtime, showcasing improved reliability.
  • Started aligning their brand assets more closely with their overarching brand strategy.
  • Positioned Entropy more authoritatively in the Carbon Capture market.

This project was a significant step in not only transforming Entropy’s digital footprint but also in streamlining their operational processes, aligning perfectly with their long-term strategic goals.