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Launched: 2020

Summary of Project

How building a SaaS-ified brand and website helped bridge the gap between major educational institution and forward-looking AI entrepreneurs.

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Overview of Project

Tasked with creating an entirely new visual identity for the company including marketing materials, brand guide website and new name, our team worked to establish clear rules around the use and application of the new look. It was important to the ISAIC team that the look felt forward-moving and inclusive.

A significant portion of the project entailed building out a new platform for the company on a secure and manageable CMS with growth in mind. Drupal was chosen as the software of choice with input from their tech team, and we set out to build the entire site via classic HTML, CSS, and vanilla Javascript.

Project Partners
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  • Performed in-depth market research to ensure that the new brand reflected the message that would best resonate in their desired community: tech entrepreneurs looking to utilize local data infrastructure outside the grasp of the big players like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Created a full visual suite with guides for the company on how to best utilize their brand identity and assets long into the future.
  • Developed the Drupal site to ensure that their marketing platform is fast, optimized, and, most importantly, secure.

Bridging the gap between traditional industry and start ups, ISAIC is gaining market share and establishing trust. The visual identity that we created for their team has helped the company to garner strong brand recognition throughout the Canadian AI industry, and we continue to help them bolster the brand with new material on an ongoing basis.