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Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

How building an enterprise-level, CMS-driven website on Webflow revolutionized the way Kudos® communications staff could utilize their own platform while reducing ongoing development costs.

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The Numbers


hours required to update software on a monthly basis.


uptime on website hosting with no server maintenance required.


increase in search engine traffic in first 3 months post-launch, much of which was due to their team taking advantage of the enhanced marketing capabilities

Overview of Project

The modernization of their corporate CMS was a priority for the Kudos communications team. Open-source software - such as WordPress, Silverstripe, and Drupal - are fantastic tools when fully customized, but they come with some serious drawbacks, such as extensive ongoing maintenance, lack of the flexibility in the short term, and difficulty of use for non-programmers.

With small-business focused “no-code” solutions like Squarespace and Wix leading the way, the Kudos® team was on the market for an enterprise-level parallel that would allow their team to modify and scale their site in a straightforward manner. After significant preliminary research into the no-code market, Webflow was chosen as their path forward, and, as one of Canada’s leading Webflow partners, we were contacted to execute development on some incredible content and designs provided by Tiller Digital.

Project Partners

Tiller Digital

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Tiller Digital worked with the Kudos® team to overhaul the design and content of the site to better market their software to new clientele. When complete, all assets were passed of to our development team to implement on a staging server.

  • Migrated to Webflow to help reduce friction between the communications department creating new revenue-generating ideas and those ideas being pushed to production on their site.
  • SEO technical upgrades including brand new dynamic markup to help them keep up-to-date with Google's ever changing search ranking previews.
  • Speed and content loading improvements to ensure that the site takes advantage of Google's new Core Web Vitals audits.
  • Custom code adjustments to ensure that all leads are directed to the proper funnels, and that all loading issues caused by necessary 3rd-party scripts were minimized.
  • Full video tutorial library to ensure that their team can take full advantage of their new platform for years into the future without having to pay exorbitant rates for agency updates at every turn.

Kudos® new site was launched to great feedback from clients and new visitors alike, with search performance already seeing an uptick within the first month of migration.

More importantly: the Kudos® team now has absolute control over how their site grows in the future, and we've built the site in such a way that it is entirely agency-agnostic. With proper development principles in place, any reasonable Webflow-accredited developer (and there are lots of them) will be capable of jumping into short-term or long-term contracts and scaling the site without the need to perform a costly rebuild.