UX/UI Design
Art Direction


Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

Increasing efficiency at Toronto General Emergency

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The Numbers


folks entering Toronto General ER engaged with the app during launch


Award for Product Management in the Artificial Intelligence Era - Stanford

Overview of Project

During the COVID pandemic, Toronto was hit particularly hard. We were commissioned by an Ontario AI organization to create an MVP to streamline COVID-19 intake at the busiest emergency room in Canada, The Toronto General ER. The intake app would have the ability to quickly sort folks as they came into the hospital, reduce load on the staff and attach postal codes to symptoms and travel to more accurately predict potential outbreaks by neighborhood.

As a busy emergency room, the app had to be easy for folks who are sick or panicking and take into consideration folks who do not speak English or French.

Goals for the MVP:

  • Create a simple, easy to use app that quickly screened for COVID-19 potential
  • Consider ESL / FSL
  • Make the UI friendly and approachable
  • Create an MVP that captured the most useful information for staff
  • Capture postal codes so the back-end AI could predict potential outbreaks within blocks
  • Eliminate the need for paper COVID-19 intake forms

Project Partners
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  • Create friendly visuals to entice people entering the hospital to interact with the app
  • Capture the most useful information for staff
  • Name the character to increase likelihood of engagement
  • Create an extremely simple UX/UI path for users
  • Capture postal codes so the back-end AI could predict potential outbreaks within blocks

The MAISI MVP was a success with Toronto General and the staff were excited at the adoption of the platform with folks entering the emergency room. Up until the end of the pandemic, the app was used consistently to help predict neighborhood-specific outbreaks in the Greater Toronto Area.