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Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

How METSCO overhauled their messaging and online presence to improve the way that potential clients view their brand and services

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The Numbers


reduction in number of software subscriptions


reduction in time spent maintaining site on a monthly basis

Overview of Project

METSCO is a premier Canadian engineering asset management and technical consulting company that came to our partners at The Agency with a request to streamline their messaging and service offerings. Through a period of strong growth, METSCO had diversified their offerings into a vast number of areas, with some of those growing into their own offshoot brands.

With an aged WordPress installation beginning to show its years, modifying the former METSCO site required a deal of experience in website development that wasn't in-office for the team, so we were brought in for our online expertise. We determined that the project would be completed in two phases, the first being a rebuild of the original design in Webflow to bridge the gap, as the former site infrastructure was struggling to keep up. The second phase entailed a full redesign of the site based on the new strategy and copy provided by The Agency.

Project Partners

The Agency

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The Agency played the lead role in both revitalizing the voice and messaging of METSCO, and then crafting website language to reflect the new direction of the company.

  • Rebuilt old site on Webflow to allow for more uptime with less headaches
  • Optimized everything for SEO including new social media indicators, revamped meta titles and descriptions, 10x site speed, JSON markup, and proper HTML structuring
  • New design and sitemap to improve user experience while directing them to the end goal: conversion

With the new strategy being enacted, the METSCO team now has a website that will carry the company into the next years of service and revenue growth. We created the platform in such a way that the ongoing maintenance of the site, outside building entirely new landing pages, requires no agency or developer experience. Our offboarding package of tutorial videos have allowed the METSCO team to be completely self-reliant with 0 required experience.