Website Development


Launched: 2022

Summary of Project

Building out a modified Shopify theme to best support a New York City-based fashion company

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Overview of Project

STMNT came to us with the goal of redeveloping their Shopify theme to better represent their brand and launch their swimsuit line. We were happy to support them in achieving these objectives. Our team worked closely with STMNT to understand their vision for the theme and the target audience for their swimsuits. We then used this information to design a theme that effectively communicated the STMNT brand and highlighted the features of their swimsuits.

Project Partners
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  • Guided client through purchasing a theme that fit their needs
  • Built out custom functionality for 3rd-party integrations
  • Set foundation for future success - review and CRM integrations to capture emails for future usage
  • Developed custom sections in Liquid to maximize flexibility within the theme

The end result was a beautiful and functional theme that helped STMNT successfully launch their swimsuit line. We were pleased to have played a role in the success of STMNT's new product launch.