Website Development

The Virtual Gurus

Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

How a brand refresh helped The Virtual Gurus narrow down their target audience to help them increase ROI on their marketing efforts.

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The Numbers


in new seed funding after launching the brand and website refresh

Overview of Project

Led by one of Canada's top entrepreneurs, Bobbie Racette, The Virtual Gurus was in a situation where their brand and online platform were in need of some structural improvements. For their brand, they were looking to both revamp their logo and icons, while improving on their visual consistency throughout their physical and online marketing materials. Standardizing their brand guidelines was a major facet in the success of the project.

As to their website, the company was looking for a more flexible platform than the former WordPress installation that no longer limited their SEO efforts with clunky code and incomplete business schema. Furthermore, they wanted to move to a platform that wasn't such a headache to grow and maintain.

Project Partners
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  • Logo and brand color refresh to help push the company into more of a SaaS niche
  • Visual identity guidelines to help their marketing team retain brand standards through all platforms
  • Content strategy and UX/UI to ensure that new site visitors were easily able to discern important information and ultimately convert into new users
  • SEO structural optimization to make sure that every new piece of content was taking advantage of search engines' technical preferences, including page speed, meta data, accessibility standards, and heading hierarchies.

New visual identity and brand guidelines in tow, The Virtual Gurus have maintained consistency and excellency in their online and physical assets. With another successful funding round in mid-2021, they continue to grow in the online virtual assistants space, serving premium services to their users while quickly becoming a powerful hiring entity, supplying paid work to VAs around the continent.