Website Design

YYC Food Fund

Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

How a non-profit multiplied their donations by building out a bright brand to improve their local awareness

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The Numbers


increase in donations post-launch


increase in page visits since site migration

Overview of Project

Helmed by renowned philanthropist, Zai Mamdani, YYC Food Fund's goal is to reduce food insecurity in the city of Calgary, Canada. Prior to partnering with us, YYC Food Fund was just getting their foot in the door, with the need to begin establishing an identity in the market.

When we connected, our motive was simple: create a clean brand identity for the Fund to build around for years to come that would help drive consistent donations to help them further their lofty community goals. With that in mind, we set out to build an exquisite logo, brand materials, and website.

Project Partners

The Agency

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The Agency specializes in the non-profit space, and brought us into the project to help take the strategy and content that they had created and shape them into a strong visual identity. They continue to work with the YYC Food Fund, helping them with their ongoing PR strategy, including creating news releases and blog content to help raise awareness of their cause.

  • Brand development including the creation of a new logo and social assets
  • Website design and development to help YYC Food Fund better capitalize on their PR efforts

Since the launch of the new brand and website, YYC Food Fund's reach in the Calgary market has grown at a strong pace, and the founders are able to confidently push the non-profit to supporters around the country. With the increase in donations, they've been able to expand on their services, and are now leveraging the improved income stream into new projects like their current "pay-what-you-want shopping" to help those in need.