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Abacus AI

Bringing artificial intelligence to big businesses in Canada, Abacus acts as a data innovation consultant for billion-dollar companies across North America.

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An amalgamation of some of Canada's top data-focused minds, Abacus needed a company image and web presence to professionally encompass their consulting business.

We set out to deliver a full logo suite and website with the intention of representing the concepts of a company that is of innovative, adaptable, and professional.

Our Role

Logo suite, iconography, website design and development


Abacus AI Solutions

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Logo Suite

Abacus is a forward-thinking, futuristic company riding a new tech and data wave. We wanted to be able to communicate that through their visual identity.

The problem was finding a way to present this new wave of artificial intelligence in a friendly and relatively clever way. We wanted it to look and feel technologically advanced, whilst still being understandable and approachable.

Website: Design & Development

The last thing we wanted was a stock, template website for a company on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence.

With their need for a content management system to make the back-end of the site more manageable, we made Webflow our software of choice. With carefully crafted animations, custom iconography, and market-leading technology to back it all up, we were able to provide a product that was reflective of the Abacus brand.