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AVAC Group

AVAC Group is an internationally syndicated, multi-stage venture capital investment company.



Working along with The Agency, our goal was to create an online identity that matched up with AVAC's prestigious brand.

Going even further, we wanted to create more awareness for their CARROT offering, which starts and grows AgTech companies.


Website design and development


AVAC Group

Website URL

Upping The Website Game

To get the most out of their website, our development and design teams put their heads together to find a dynamic solution.

With animated styling and flexibility in mind, we developed the site in HTML with a number of scripted page interactions.

With fine touches, we launched a site that is innovative in the field of venture capital, while not overwhelming the user experience and the main message.

Defining The Message

One of the instigating factors in launching the rebuild was the need for better information on their CARROT offerings. To entice experienced AgTech leaders, AVAC needed a page to provide information and help them create partnerships for leadership roles to kickstart AgTech companies.

We set about adding a separate CARROT page with the content supplied by The Agency and the AVAC team, while creating custom icons, a brand-centric design, and a great experience for the website visitors.