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PXL Systems

With a client-first approach, PXL System's is one of Western Canada's fastest growing managed service providers.

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With a growing client-base, PXL was in need of an online presence that:
a) represented their professionalism while operating under their branding guidelines.

b) demonstrated their reliability.

c) showed the personality that their old site was missing.

Our Role

Custom mascot design, full website creation


PXL Systems

Mascot Design

PXL System's most noticeable attributes were very clear from our first meeting: professional, friendly, and approachable.

Our goal was to create a mascot that represented their brand, while differentiating them from the manicured mascots of large corporations.

With those concepts in mind, we created "Pix" after a few rounds of revisions and days at the drawing board.

Website Development

Professionalism was key, and we ensured that PXL System's new site outclassed their competitor's in each category. Whether it was aesthetic, speed, or user experience, we made it happen.

Through our process, we integrated PXL's ticketing software, so the site not only looked great, but it allowed for the company to cut down on admin hours.

With a new contact form in place, we made it much easier for PXL to generate new leads with their marketing efforts, with less wasted time and money in the long term.