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How ai can help

AI has the power to give back a businesses most important asset - time. Whether it's providing customers the information they need, or booking high-potential meetings, an AI chatbot can be the fuel your business needs to grow. Not only does a chatbot give you the power of a full customer service department, it does so at a fraction of the cost, and allows your business to keep the lights on 24/7.

Consumers no longer want to be served only from 9-5. The days of 'banker's hours' are over and it's time you deploy a solution that allows you to turn off your phone and rest without worrying about missed sales or unhappy customers. With some monthly supervision and maintenance, AI can reliably answer upwards of 98% of everyday questions. Not only that, but the AI can be taught to speak in the Company Voice to follow along your brand guidelines, giving your customers a consistent experience across all marketing channels.

Along with the off-hours fix, AI systems can be implemented to reduce the time your team is throwing away on questions that can easily be answered by querying a dynamic FAQ database. With the extra time on their hands, your team can put more effort into tasks that will be helping your business grow.

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Better Customer Experience

Get visitors to the resources they're looking for.

Less Admin

Answer questions without ever having to lift a finger.

Increased Sales

Break down any barriers that visitors are experiencing prior to making a buying decision.

case in point

First Defence

Package: AI eCommerce Chatbot

"On our product pages we have our volume discounts front and center. We make it clear to our customers that the more they buy, the more they save. We had one customer who was planning on buying a large volume of our product. Given such a high volume, and large discount that would be applied, they were apprehensive to complete the checkout without knowing that the discount would be received.

The customer clicked on our chat icon and asked the question about volume discounts. Our 'always-on' chatbot service answered immediately. It identified that the client was worried about receiving their volume discount and let them know the discount is automatically applied at checkout. It even sent along an image to show the customer where they can verify the amount of the discount. The client said thank you and we immediately received their order.

While this situation was playing out I was in another meeting and would not have been able to respond right away. Without the always-on chatbot, this order would not have closed and we would have missed out on thousands of dollars in revenues. Not only did the chatbot help us close the sale, this one transaction was enough to pay for the entire cost of setting this service up on our site. We definitely recommend this for any company who is looking for always-on customer service and who wants to increase their conversion rates."

Mitch Johnstone


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