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A Few Details

what our sites do

How much is your time worth? When we work on our projects, we often have to dive into the companies processes to get a better feel for how they operate and how we can help.

More often than not, we find massive money pits in the form of repetitive processes.

We've created a niche for ourselves in the practice of helping those businesses automate said repetitive tasks so that they're faster, cleaner, and more cost-friendly than ever before.

Below are a few examples of automations that we deploy regularly: 

  • Excel/Google Sheets to Xero/Quickbooks: copy & paste one row to a client spreadsheet to automatically populate and send invoices.
  • Website form to your CRM: each time a form is filled out on a site, a new contact and/or task is added to the CRM, and an email is sent out with the details to the appropriate staff member.
  • Wordpress post to social platforms: each time an article is posted, it is automatically shared throughout the businesses' different social accounts.
  • Follow up with new leads via Gmail/Outlook: create and send an immediate follow-up message after new leads enter the pipeline straight from a business email account rather than a third-party service like Mailchimp.




Limitless opportunities for integration and automation

Common integrations

-Google Apps
- Calendly
- Hubspot
- Basecamp
- Microsoft Apps
- Wordpress
- Typeforms
- Teachable
- Stripe
- Paypal
- Quickbooks
- Xero
- Facebook
- LinkedIn

If you don't see your software here, please reach out, and we can let you know the possibilities!

an example

case study

Built with: ZAPIER

For the sake of privacy, we have left this case study nameless.

One of our clients struggled with their onboarding processes, and was outsourcing the administrative work for $35/hr for 8-12 hours/month, for an average cost of $4200/year.

We created a new workflow in Zapier that completely wiped their need for a VA. It follows these steps: 

  • New Lead submits request for 20-minute consultation.
  • New Lead receives a personalized email from GMail integration with salesperson's signature. That email contains a "Book a call now" Calendly link that's integrated with the company's calendar.
  • A time and date is chosen for the call in Calendly, and a Zoom integration automatically creates a new meeting at that time and sends invites out to both parties with a branded attachment containing an agenda and objectives.
  • Hubspot creates a new task for the meeting and assigns it to our Client's admin, as well as adding a new contact into the CRM.

And voilà. In one step, all of their new leads contact information has been centralized in Hubspot, they've been emailed back with a personalized introduction, and a sales meeting has already been organized and added to the salesperson's calendar. No back-and-forth on setting a meeting time, no manual data entry, no forgetting to follow-up; everything taken care of without staff needing to lift a finger.

$4200 in savings per year before taking into consideration increased revenue from the higher conversion rate as a direct result of making their sales funnel more efficient.

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