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The benefits of a one page scrolling website are numerous; it focuses the company's story, provides higher user engagement, and, most importantly in today's age, it is ideal for mobile devices.

One page websites work best for companies that are in their very early growth stages, or for those that need an online platform to efficiently deliver their message in a straightforward manner.

We often create our one page projects as a first step for our clients that are looking to get their product or service to market as soon as possible, and build out the full site as they solidify their business strategy.

Our tools

Our tools


Fast, safe, and maintenance free.


Cleanly developed with either custom PHP code or a page builder.


Push the envelope on your website design. This site was built with Webflow.


Looking for a Python-powered CMS to run your platform? Wagtail has you covered.

case in point

AVAC Group

Package: One Page Scroller

AVAC Group is one of the most successful investment firms in Canada, with a leadership corps that have helped to build some of the country's best companies.

With their previous website, they found that their newest offering, CARROT, was not as well explained or illustrated as they would have hoped. With modern AgTech investing at the forefront of our minds, we created a powerful one page scroller with a "mini" page to better show off CARROT's unique services.


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