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A Few Details

When it comes to app and web development, customer satisfaction is king. For each new interface that we design for our clients, we ensure that the first platform experience, and each one thereafter, is brand-focused, modern, and intuitive.

With professionally crafted UX/UI, company owners and operators can get back to working on their business development, without needing to worry about how their user experience may be negatively impacting their bottom line.

By taking care of the visitor throughout their time on the website or app, they're more likely to trust the business more, and they're also more likely to recommend said company to others in their network.

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Whether it's meant for browser or a dedicated app, we can handle it.


The mobile users of the world are picky. We can create something that they love.

case in point

Shell Consulting

Package: UX/UI Design

Shell Consulting is a Toronto-based consulting firm. They built a COVID-19 screening AI system called MAISI for the largest emergency room in Ontario.

We worked with them to create the UX/UI for their first MVP for the app's beta launch and testing. The goal was to design an app interface that could be used by the potentially ill, elderly, ESL, or those that struggle with reading.

We used simple and clean imagery to help patients get through their COVID screenings in an efficient and accurate manner. Our priority was making it accurate so as to keep frontline workers safe, and filter potential cases to the correct areas of the hospital.

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