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Launched: 2020

Summary of Project

Brand rebuild and website development: a complete overhaul of one of Calgary's top non-profits.

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Overview of Project

With an aged website and a visual identity in need of evolution, CCASA was on the market to find a viable partner that could help them reevaluate their position as a non-profit, and plan out and execute on a new strategy to revamp their image. We worked closely with our partner, The Agency, to rebuild the foundations of one of Calgary's best non-profit organizations.

Project Partners

The Agency

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The Agency was instrumental from the outset in the creation of this project, especially in regards to the brand strategy and website copy. Their team worked diligently to provide the project with an incredible library of content to pull from, which we implemented throughout the site and their branding assets.

  • Complete re-brand - Starting with the logos, we built out an entirely new brand identity for the company to carry them through for the foreseeable future
  • WordPress hybrid themed website - we combined custom-coded sections of the site with the Elementor page-builder to maximize cost-efficiency
  • Implemented a "Safe Exit" functionality - custom Javascript feature we built out to ensure that site visitors - some of whom may be in precarious domestic situations - could swiftly navigate to another site
  • Donation funnel creation - alongside the agency, we re-strategized the approach to how CCASA gathered online donations, allowing visitors to more easily provide funding for the organization

Since the launch of the new brand and online platform, CCASA has continued to grow throughout Calgary's communities, offering a wide variety of programs for the city's at-risk youths, and education for their parents.