Revitalized CCASA's brand and website, enhancing their non-profit image with a new identity and a WordPress hybrid site featuring unique functionalities.

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CCASA, a prominent Calgary-based non-profit, required a comprehensive overhaul of its aged website and visual identity. The goal was to reposition the organization and revitalize its image. Collaborating with The Agency, we undertook the task of rebranding and developing a new strategy for CCASA, laying the groundwork for its future growth.


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From The Top

  • Executed a complete re-branding, including a new logo and brand identity.
  • Developed a cost-efficient WordPress hybrid website with custom-coded sections.
  • Implemented a "Safe Exit" functionality for user safety.
  • Redesigned the online donation funnel for increased funding efficiency.

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  • Complete Rebranding: Developed a new brand identity, starting with the logo, to provide a fresh and modern image.
  • WordPress Hybrid Website: Combined custom coding with the Elementor page-builder for a cost-effective, functional website.
  • Safe Exit Functionality: Implemented custom JavaScript to enable at-risk users to quickly leave the site, ensuring their safety.
  • Donation Funnel Redesign: Collaborated with The Agency to re-strategize and improve the online donation process, making it easier for visitors to contribute financially.
  • Strategic Planning: Worked closely with CCASA to understand their non-profit goals and align the project with their mission.
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The launch of CCASA's new brand and online platform marked a significant step in their growth within Calgary’s communities. The updated website, with its unique "Safe Exit" feature and efficient donation funnel, has improved user experience and engagement. The rebranding efforts have successfully communicated CCASA's renewed commitment to aiding at-risk youths and educating parents. As a result, CCASA has strengthened its position as a key non-profit organization, expanding its reach and impact in the community.