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Revolutionized data management for a clean tech software company, efficiently handling 1.5TB of data daily.

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A top-tier clean tech software company, valued in the billions, faced a challenge in managing over 1.5TB of data daily. This data was essential for a widely-used web application, demanding high bandwidth and flexibility for data engineering and analytics tools. The project aimed to enhance operational efficiency and scalability in data management.


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  • Managed over 1.5TB of data daily.
  • Supported energy analytics for over 5 million homes.
  • Implemented using AWS S3, PostgreSQL, AWS Timestream.
  • Process involved alpha, beta, and public release stages.

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  • Cloud-Based Integration: Utilized AWS S3, PostgreSQL, and AWS Timestream for a multi-database architecture, optimizing data storage and processing.
  • User-Centric Design: Focused on end-user personas, ensuring a practical and user-friendly solution.
  • Phased Development: Implemented the project in stages—alpha, beta, and public release, allowing iterative improvements and feedback incorporation.
  • Data Scalability and Accessibility: Designed the system to easily handle and access over 1.5TB of data daily.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Partnered with the client's team to align technology with long-term data management goals.
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The project was a significant success, efficiently managing over 1.5TB of data each day and substantially enhancing the company's data handling capacity. The implementation led to a robust client database, supporting analytics for energy providers catering to over 5 million homes. The solution exceeded expectations in efficiency and scalability, establishing a new industry benchmark.