Developed a comprehensive brand and website for Alberta CREATE Centre, uniting innovative sub-brands under one umbrella.

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The Alberta CREATE Centre, an umbrella organization, encompasses several cutting-edge technology brands like ISAIC, nanoFAB, and Elko. Our goal was to establish CREATE as the parent brand, developing its identity from scratch, followed by a robust WordPress website build to drive the brand forward.


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From The Top

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Key Features: Brand creation from scratch, WordPress website with premium software for easy maintenance
  • Target Audience: Large clients utilizing advanced technology services

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  • Brand Development: Strategically created the CREATE brand to represent its subsidiaries while maintaining individual brand identities.
  • WordPress Platform: Chose WordPress for its open-source flexibility and customizability, ensuring easy internal hosting and maintenance.
  • Collaborative Integration: Seamlessly integrated features to represent each subsidiary, such as nanoFAB’s nanofabrication services, Elko’s engineering makerspace, and ISAIC’s AI/ML infrastructure.

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Since its launch in 2023, the Alberta CREATE Centre website has:

  • Significantly increased brand awareness and recognition within its target market of large clientele.
  • Demonstrated a unified and streamlined presentation of its diverse technology services.
  • Received positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive information architecture.
  • Played a key role in enhancing the digital presence and accessibility of its subsidiary brands.