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Launched: 2022

Summary of Project

How redesigning Fratello's WooCommerce site helped a sales rejuvenation after COVID

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The Numbers


increase in sales in the first 20 days of operation


increase in organic traffic in first 3 months

Overview of Project

For this project, we completely overhauled the former design and infrastructure of Fratello's website with the goal of increasing sales. These changes included updating the website's layout and color scheme, as well as adding new features such as a tidy-up of mobile-responsiveness, a more user-friendly checkout process, and significantly simplified capabilities for Fratello to modify the site themselves without having to call a developer for every minor change. Despite moving from a pure-code approach to a page-builder, we exercised our expertise to ensure that the builder was able to perform better than before for both page load speeds and SEO principles.

"Working with Paper Crane was fast, easy and professional.  The communication was well thought through and easy to understand.  They were on budget and on time.  Wow.  That doesn't happen very often."

Russ Prefontaine

President & Co-owner

Project Partners
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  • Rebuilt the entire site on Oxygen (rather than modifying the outdated code of the previous iteration)
  • Simplified checkout process to reduce friction
  • Re-designed site around new, darker branding guidelines
  • Optimized user experience to ensure users could easily navigate, while finding their product of choice easily
  • SEO-optimized for SERPs

With the significant site changes, Fratello has seen a healthy bump in sales that has helped them start planning for more improvements in the future, including potential SEO and paid-spend campaigns now that the site has been brought up to modern standards.