How building an integrated LMS and AI chat interface to helped to better disseminate information on the illness to the public at large

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We developed an interactive, online educational tool for the Alzheimer Society, Alberta/Northwest Territories to help their community learn about living with dementia and caring for people with dementia. We created custom course pathways and allowed users to personalize their learning experience, save courses and collect course completion certificates.

Building on the popularity of the ASANT Cafe, a digital learning platform for people living with dementia, the Alzheimer Society sought support to create the next version of the resource, making a simple and user-friendly online platform for learning about dementia. This included creating a personalized online course and refreshed brand identity for a brand new learning experience, HelpForDementia. Our challenge was to create a platform that prioritized accessibility, creating a simple way for people living with or impacted by dementia to continually learn about dementia and find support along every point of their journey.


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  • Duration: 6 months
  • Key Features: Enterprise-level learning management system (LMS) implementation and data migration, SCORM file integration, and a custom-built, retrieval augmented AI chat system
  • Target Audience: healthcare practitioners, people living with dementia and their family and friends,
  • Impact: By creating an easy to use way to store, share and learn information about life with dementia, this website is increasing the accessibility of information and decreasing the spread of misinformation, making life with dementia easier.

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  • Rebrand: we provided some key insights to the internal team's efforts when looking to rename from ASANT Cafe.
  • Brand Asset Updates: our creative team provided logo and brand modifications for the internal team after the new HelpForDementia name was chosen.
  • User and LMS Data Migration: we spent weeks rebuilding a new aligned database after a considerable engineering effort to reformat the tables from their aged, proprietary platform.
  • User Flows and UI Overhaul: our creative team spent a couple months streamlining the user-experience for each of the different user personas
  • WordPress LMS Development: due to the incredibly flexible requirements - including custom word clouds, integrated saved text fields, and bespoke software - we utilized the open-source nature of WordPress to build out a powerful platform for the HelpForDementia team to build and improve upon.
  • Staff Training: We provided extensive training through a library of tutorial videos to ensure team members are able to support their community through using the site.
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The primary measurement for the success of this site was its ease of of use among people of all ages and abilities. Since launch, we've seen a tremendous amount of growth, both on internal metrics (quality of the site, user flows, etc.), strong initial metrics for month-over-month growth in the SERPs, time spent on site and interactivity metrics. We anticipate that, as the use of this resource becomes more widespread, these numbers will grow even further.Now, Paper Crane is assisting the Alzheimer Society in a strategy to communicate and market this new resource to its network and beyond.