Melo Mead

We crafted a new brand and an innovative, visually captivating website for Melo Mead, featuring 3D designs and interactive elements.

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Melo Mead, a burgeoning mead brand, entrusted us with creating a new brand identity and an engaging online presence. Our goal was to design a brand and a website that stood out in the competitive beverage market, focusing on a tropical theme and immersive user interactions.


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From The Top

  • Key Features: 3D can renders, NextJS and ThreeJS integration, engaging interactive website elements
  • Achievements: Winner of the 2023 Muse Gold Award for Branded Content
  • Distribution: Now available in over 20+ stores across Canada

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  • 3D Design: We designed and rendered 3D can models for the website, adding a modern and interactive element to the user experience.
  • NextJS and ThreeJS Utilization: Leveraged the capabilities of NextJS and ThreeJS for a robust, high-performing website build.
  • Interactive Elements: Implemented engaging features like bubble animations and dynamic "wave" text to captivate visitors.
  • Branding Focus: Emphasized creating a brand that would be striking and memorable, especially for store shelf presence.
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We are absolutely thrilled with the brand work that Paper Crane has done to help kickstart Melo. The creativity and attention to detail in every element, from the can designs to the engaging website, have truly set our brand apart in the market and it's making a difference on in-store sales which is amazing. Working together was great - looking forward to some more projects in 2024!

Brendan Collins


Since the launch of the new website, Melo Mead has:

  • Received widespread positive feedback from the community, affirming the effectiveness of our design and branding strategy.
  • Successfully launched their first batch of mead in Alberta, witnessing a rapidly growing demand.
  • Expanded their market presence, now available in over 20+ stores across Canada.
  • Been honored with the prestigious 2023 Muse Gold Award for Branded Content, recognizing the creativity and impact of our work.

Our innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail have played a crucial role in establishing and expanding the Melo Mead brand. We are proud to have contributed significantly to their market success and brand recognition.