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Melo Mead

Launched: 2023

Summary of Project

How a radical brand and innovative website helped Melo hit the ground running

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Overview of Project

Our agency was tasked with creating a new brand, alongside an innovative and captivating website for our Melo Mead. To innovate in the space, we created a striking brand that can hold its own on a store shelf, and we followed that up with a NextJS site featuring 3D cans, tropical-focused label designs, and a plethora of engaging interactions, such as bubble animations and moving "wave" text.

Project Partners
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  • Implemented 3D cans and interactive elements to create an immersive user experience.
  • Utilized NextJS and ThreeJS for a robust and high-performing website build.
  • Focused on making a splash in the market with a visually engaging and unique website.

Following the launch of Melo Mead's new website, we received an abundance of positive feedback from the community, showcasing the impact of our work. The company is currently selling their first batch of mead in Alberta, and they are rapidly ramping up production to meet the increasing demand. Our innovative approach and attention to detail have contributed to the success of the Melo Mead brand, and we are proud of our role in their growth.