Pain Canada

Developed a resourceful website for Pain Canada, enhancing access to pain-related resources, aligned with Health Canada’s 2021 Action Plan.

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Pain Canada's initiative was spurred by Health Canada’s 2021 Action Plan for Pain. The project’s goal was to create a comprehensive resource website, aiding individuals affected by pain, their supporters, and healthcare providers. The website aimed to streamline access to pain management resources and facilitate collaboration and community capacity building in line with the Action Plan’s recommendations.


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From The Top

  • Launched in response to Health Canada’s 2021 report.
  • Website features content organized by type and location.
  • Developed using Webflow for collection-based management.
  • Focused on SEO and user experience optimization.

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  • Content Organization: Arranged resources to be easily searchable by type or location.
  • Resource Accessibility: Ensured easy acquisition of help and information.
  • Webflow Development: Leveraged Webflow's collection-based platform for effective management.
  • Navigation Design: Implemented clean and concise navigation for a better user experience.
  • Speed Optimization: Enhanced website speed for improved SEO performance.
  • Action Plan Web Application: Custom-built an application for Pain Canada to update and track project statuses across Canada, ensuring real-time management and coordination.
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The team was easy to work with, responsive, and delivered a beautiful website on time and on budget. What more can you ask for?

Kathryn Sutton
Communications Director


Pain Canada’s website was successfully launched, playing a crucial role in their campaign to influence Health Canada's chronic pain policies. The site received excellent feedback, praised for its ease of navigation and the accessibility of resources. The additional development of the Action Plan web application further empowered the Pain Canada team to efficiently manage multiple projects, reflecting their commitment to improving pain management nationwide.