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Tilt Five

Launched: 2021

Summary of Project

Changing the face of the at-home AR market, we helped Tilt Five create an online ecommerce store that has catapulted them into the North American consumer market.

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The Numbers


increase in daily visitors in first month post-launch.


increase in average engagement time in first month post-launch


increase in search engine clicks in first 3 months post-launch

Overview of Project

After tripling their Kickstarter goals, Tilt Five was ready to step up their website game. Moving to a faster, more secure, more reliable platform with an updated design that showcased the launch of their innovative AR game hardware, they wanted to entice hardcore gamers as well as catch the eye of potential investors for their Series B round of funding.

A true innovation start-up, Tilt Five has reinvented tabletop gaming with AR and holograms. We needed to create a website that showcased their one-of-a-kind technology, organized an extensive games catalogue, enticed developers to want to develop for the platform and have enough information to pique the interest of a potential investors.

Paper Crane Media is genuinely the best media and marketing team I've worked with.  They are creative, talented and terrific collaborators. Always up for anything and they enjoy understanding and embracing the brands of their customers. They're professional and warm people that I'd gladly make part of any future team.

Hans Ten Cate

CBO of Tilt Five

Project Partners


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We partnered with PitchFWD to create the content for the website. Their experience in the gaming industry, keen eye for content organization, and ability to ask the difficult questions catapulted the content for the website to an entirely new echelon.

  • Improved the organization of the website which included building out an easily-modified games library for visitors to search through with an extensive selection of filters, developer-specific FAQs, pages and documentation, and a migrated Updates directory fully-optimized for search engine algorithms.
  • Levelled up the utilization of their online brand with a hybrid board games/alternate reality technology feel. Many of the concepts developed for the website have been retrofitted into the new brand "feel" of the company.
  • Developed a powerful CMS that allows the Tilt Five marketing and support teams to modify without any need to reach out to developers.
  • Integrated Shopify into the platform to combine the best ecommerce engine on the planet into their already powerful front-end.
  • Custom-coded solutions for game filtering, geotargeting of customers, and a plethora of CMS improvements.

With an incredible team, and a mind-blowing device in their arsenal, our project together has been tremendously successful to this point. Preorders for the Tilt Five® continue to rise, and the community interest in making the full purchase on launch day in early 2022 is at an all-time high. We are working closely with the Tilt Five team to help them automate many of their online processes, ensure all customer enquiries are directed to the appropriate channels, and whatever else we can do to help their company continue on their exponential growth path.