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Launched: 2022

Summary of Project

How Webflow and multi-language software helped Ventec reintroduce themselves into the agri-tech marketplace

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Overview of Project

We updated Ventec's website with the goal of expanding their share in the agricultural markets of North America. One key feature of the new website is its ability to serve both the English and French markets, thanks to the implementation of multi-lingual software. This has allowed Ventec to reach a wider audience and better serve the diverse needs of their customers.

In addition to being multi-lingual, the new website is also modern and user-friendly. It features a clean, professional design and easy-to-use navigation, which has helped to increase website traffic and engagement. The website also includes a number of resources and tools for farmers, such as product information and technical support, which have been well-received by the target audience.

Project Partners
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  • Integration of Weglot to serve up both English and French translations of the site
  • Ecommerce-esque design with the intent of creating high-conversion leads
  • Webflow development to ensure premium SEO, speed, and minimal ongoing maintenance

The new website has been instrumental in helping Ventec to increase their market share in the agricultural markets of North America, and has played a key role in their success. With it solidifying their place in both the market and search engine rankings, they're poised to continue to grow for years to come.